Does CBD help to lose weight?

Affecting a large number of people, obesity is a worrying disease. In addition to causing mental disorders (lack of self-confidence, stress ...), it impacts the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. In some people, it is the main cause of heart failure and high blood pressure. Not to mention diabetes and asthma.

Men and women are therefore looking for all the means to cure it. But until today, there is no effective remedy that guarantees excellent long-term results. Are you facing this situation? What if you combine sport and diet with CBD intake?

What is CBD?

Also called "cannabidiol", CBD is a molecule found in cannabis. Unlike THC, it can be sold and consumed freely in France. The reasons? Non psychoactive, it does not make you high and generates few adverse effects.

According to European law, any fine product containing cannabidiol must have only 0.5 % of THC, the famous narcotic molecule of the hemp plant. If this limit is not respected, the item will be sold illegally.

CBD products currently come in many forms, from flowers to candy. But oils remain the safest. CBDude will tell you more about it.

Perceived as a real "wellness" contribution, a regular consumption of CBD optimizes relaxation. Nevertheless, according to scientific studies, it does not replace a medical treatment. Cannabidiol should only be used as a dietary supplement acting on the essential biological functions of the human being: mood, sleep...

CBD and its appetite suppressant effect

A natural component released from the hemp plant, cannabidiol's therapeutic virtues are numerous. Although it is generally used to relieve chronic disorders, through its direct interaction with the endocannabinoid system, it ensures the stability of the organism.

It is this ECS that favors on the one hand the storage of energy that the body requires on the other hand the transport of nutrients essential to its functioning. It is composed of CB1 receptors located in the central nervous system and CB2 receptors located in the taste buds. If one stimulates the appetite, the other inhibits the meals.

Studies claim that when the CB2 receptor agent is activated, the body's food intake drops. That said, our appetite decreases.

When you take cannabidiol, it immediately causes an appetite suppressant effect in you. You feel a sensation of satiety preventing you from snacking all the time.

There are several ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. Capsule or CBD oil, which one to choose? If consuming it as a supplement does not suit you, prefer vaping.

CBD and cellulite

Unavoidable, cellulites form after puberty. Localized on the back of the thighs or on the buttocksThese inflammations of the connective tissue can affect any person, even if the BMI is normal. The presence of fatty substances in the adipocytes only accentuates them.

Adipocytes are composed of two kinds of fat:

  • The brown fats, rather fluid, we have the possibility of burning them in a short time if we perform regular sports activities.
  • White fats are gathered by the body and converted into carbohydrates if the body requires them. The problem with them is that once accumulated, it is difficult to eliminate them. They trigger hormones that are essential for a balanced metabolism. They are considered to be insulins that absorb carbohydrates into the bloodstream.

As soon as you restrict your food intake, your body releases a large amount of glucose that has been stored in the muscles. This is when cannabidiol plays its role. Acting directly on the proteins linked to fat burning, it converts white fats into brown fats so that they can be burned easily. This gets rid of cellulite.

Especially since cannabidiol has anti-oxidant properties, it restricts the unnecessary oxidants found in fatty foods.

Did you know that CBD has beneficial effects on the skin? Anti-inflammatory, it fights against skin diseases, irritations, burns ... In addition to consuming it, you can apply it on stretch marks and cellulites.