Why can CBD be effective against epilepsy in cats?

Like us, our pets can face dangerous pathologies. Our little cats, in particular, can fall victim to epilepsy. Incredible as it may seem, cats, too, can suffer epileptic seizures. A real health problem, this disease is alarming in its manifestations.

But today, faced with the shortcomings of conventional treatments for this pathology, more and more people are turning to natural solutions. Such is the case with CBD products, which are now used to treat both humans and pets such as cats.

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Extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD is a substance capable of interacting with the cat's endocannabinoid system. This can provide relief from neurological seizures such as epilepsy. In addition to the classic cannabinoids that create pain-relieving reactions, CBD contains cannabidivarin, an anti-epileptic cannabinoid.

If you want to know in detail why CBD can be effective against epilepsy in cats, this article is for you. Explanations of the disease, how CBD acts on the cat's body, benefits... We explain it all!

Epilepsy in cats: what is it?


Epilepsy is a chronic neurological pathology characterized by the occurrence of partial or generalized seizures. Epilepsy is nothing more than the manifestation of a sudden, transient dysfunction of the brain's electrical activity.

Well-known in humans, this disease can also appear in canine animals such as cats. Epilepsy can appear in cats, generally between 1 and 5 years of age. It may be primary or secondary.

In the former case, there is no known cause, while in the latter, the seizure is the result of a lesion. Epileptic seizures may be partial or generalized.

Partial seizures occur when a group of brain neurons malfunctions. When these seizures are generalized, all the brain's neurons are dysregulated.


Although they may vary from cat to cat, the symptoms of epilepsy in this animal revolve around key elements.

These include :

  • Very frequent convulsions of varying intensity;
  • Breathing faster than usual;
  • Eye movements, particularly brisk;
  • Stare ;
  • Several series of violent spasms;
  • Foam coming out of the mouth;
  • A few collapse crises, etc.

Possible causes

Epilepsy in cats is the expression of uncontrolled or abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This dysfunction can be caused by a number of different factors.

Seizures in cats can occur as a result of brain tumors, head injuries, poisoning, acute liver or kidney failure, anemia or electrolyte problems.

In all these different cases, CBD can be used to manage crises.

Why is CBD effective against epilepsy in cats?

CBD is effective against epileptic seizures in cats, reducing the severity of symptoms. The substance does not cure the disease, but regulates the intensity and frequency of seizures in cats. Its action on the animal's organism has been proven, and the benefits are numerous.

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How CBD works in cats

To understand why CBD can be effective against epilepsy in cats, it's important to first understand how this molecule works in the animal.

Like humans, cats have an endocannabinoid system. This consists of a set of receptors, particularly CB1 and CB2.

CB1 receptors, widespread in the brain and nervous system, regulate functions such as sensation, pain, sleep, appetite, mood and memory processing.

As for CB2 receptors, they manage endocrine organs (intestines, stomach) and immune cells. Under the action of cannabinoids, the latter react to combat inflammation, pain and tissue damage.

CBD is a substance containing cannabinoids capable of eliciting responses from these receptors to epileptic seizures. In addition to the classic cannabinoids that create reactions against pain, CBD contains cannabidivarin, an anti-epileptic cannabinoid.

In particular, it acts on TRPV1, a transient potentiated receptor located in epileptic areas of the brain. According to studies, its action on this receptor helps prevent epileptic seizures.

Benefits of CBD for cats

CBD is effective against epilepsy in cats for several reasons. It's a molecule that, once ingested, offers numerous benefits for cats.

It's a purely natural product that helps to effectively regulate the symptoms of epileptic seizures. Unlike conventional drug solutions, which are limited to controlling seizures, CBD-based products administered to cats regulate them. They are anticonvulsants that soothe and calm.

Using CBD to treat epileptic seizures in cats is a gentle solution. Contrary to popular belief, cannabidiol is not a psychoactive recreational substance that will get the cat high.

Generally speaking, CBD products for cats are made from cannabis with high concentrations of CBD and very few traces of THC. They are non-psychoactive and mostly beneficial for a sick cat.

CBD products for cats have no adverse effects. When administered in appropriate doses, CBD, unlike other chemical substances, is not harmful to the cat's liver, kidneys or gastrointestinal tract.

On the contrary, they tolerate it well. What's more, the substance can be given to cats in addition to or alongside other medications.

If CBD is a good substance for epilepsy in cats, it's because it's designed in animal-friendly doses. Being more sensitive to the effects of cannabinoids than humans, sick cats need lower doses of CBD.

CBD products for cats are marketed with dosage calculators that prevent overdoses.

What precautions should be taken when using CBD for epilepsy in cats?

Although CBD is effective against epileptic seizures in cats, a few rules must be observed.

The first precaution is to choose the right quality of CBD product to give your sick cat. CBD products for cats are generally available in the form of oil, spray, shampoo or treats. You can find them on specialized online stores such as LovaPets or Nordic Oil, or on more general sites like La Ferme du CBD, CBD Pas Chere or CBD Vital, for example.

Once you've found the best form for your cat, you'll need to check its quality. Study the brand, the origin and type of cannabis used, and the ingredients used in the product.

On the product packaging, you'll find the product spectrum and instructions for use. Among the instructions for use is dosage.

Be aware that cats are very sensitive to CBD, which is why prescribed doses must be scrupulously respected. There's no need to give your cat high doses in the hope of limiting its epileptic seizures as quickly as possible.

As for the precise dose, although there is no standard dosage, it's important to know that it should depend on a number of factors. The dose of CBD to give your cat suffering from epilepsy should depend on its size, breed, age and the severity of the symptoms it displays.

In all cases, you should always start with minimum doses.

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