What should I choose between CBD capsules and CBD oil?

CBD is now used by many people in France. There are students who use it to relax during exams, when stress is intense and rest time is important. There are also sportsmen, who regularly suffer from muscle aches and joint pains and who find in CBD a way to feel better. Other people consume CBD to better support the tension at work, or to regain their appetite after a difficult period. Finally, for others it is simply a source of daily well-being, which combines a little of all of these: a desire to be less sensitive to stress, to sleep better, to eat well, and to suffer less from the effects of their weekly gym sessions. Each of these people has their own reason to consume CBD as well as their preferred form of cannabidiol: resin or flowers, oil or capsule, candy or lollipop... But the question remains for the majority of them: CBD capsule or oilWhich is better?

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Capsule or CBD oil: what to choose?

Some people are used to smoking or vaping and for them CBD is consumed via rolled cigarettes or e-liquid. For others, it is a dietary supplement, which can be taken in the form of capsules, like medicine, or via CBD oil that can be added to their meals, as well as to their hot or cold drinks. Both having a priori beneficial effects, we can be led to wonder about the choice between CBD capsule or oil. Indeed, one is entitled to claim to use the best of these two ways of consuming cannabidiol, to be sure to achieve its ends. Everything is, in reality, a matter of dosage, that is to say of percentage of CBD in what one ingests.

Which is more effective: capsule or CBD oil?

CBD capsule or oil

In reality, there is no one solution that is better than the other, CBD capsule or oil both containing a certain level of cannabidiol. For the CBD capsule, everything is written both on the bottle that contains the capsules and on the packaging of the latter. We know exactly the grammage in CBD and possibly the flavor that has been added to the capsules. As far as the oil is concerned, it is different, in the sense that you have to be advised on a quantity of oil to add to your favorite dishes or to take directly with the pipette in your mouth. The more drops of CBD oil you take, the higher the level of CBD you consume. Here you have to be careful, to be sure not to exceed the required dose and to obtain precisely the desired effect. This is where the biggest difference lies and which allows you to choose between CBD capsule or oil when you don't want to smoke it or vapourize it.